About Candace

Books are an ADVENTURE every time you open one. 

Candace is an Award-Winning children’s author who lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and 7 children. She wrote the new ADVENTURE of LOGAN AND LILLY series. The first book in the series is ” The Lost Treasure.” Candace has always had a passion for writing and children’s fiction allows her to bring out her inner child.

As a former Daycare Director, Kindergarten teacher, and mother, Candace has read countless children’s books, therefor her love of reading extends outside of writing. Candace loves to get in front of children and read or make up creative stories on the spot. She loves to get the kids she is reading or talking to involved. She does this by using the children’s directions on what the character will do or where they will go. For Candace, writing has always been a way of escape and adventure.

Education and fostering a love of reading is something that Candace and her family are passionate about. Candace earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has an extensive background in photography. Writing continues to be one of her passions.

When not writing, you can find Candace spending time with her family and friends, creating projects in her craft room, reading, taking pictures, traveling, watching her children compete in hockey, swimming, and cheerleading. She states “Having 7 children keeps her grounded and the stories flowing. With the size of her family, there’s always a story to be told.”

 FUN FACT- Candace’s son Logan and his best friend, doll Lilly are the muses for the Logan & Lilly series. 

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