About Candace

Books are an ADVENTURE every time you open one.

Candace is a talented children’s author in sunny Arizona. She is the author of the series Logan & Lilly, with the first book “Lost Treasure.” She has always had a passion for writing children’s fiction. As a former Daycare Director, Kindergarten teacher, and mother, Candace has told children stories daily. She loves to get in front of children and read or make up creative stories on the spot using children’s direction on what the character will do or where the character will go. For Candace, writing is a way of escape and adventure for her and her readers. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has an extensive background in photography; however, writing continues to be her passion.

When not writing, Candace is spending time with her family. She is married to a wonderful supportive husband and has seven funny, unique, talented children who keep her on her feet and busy. Her other passions include photography, crafts, sewing, and reading, of course.

 FUN FACT- Candace’s son Logan and his doll Lilly is the muse for Logan & Lilly’s series. Logan has had many adventures with Lilly since he was a year old.