And So The Adventure Begins!

And so the adventure begins “The Adventures of Logan & Lilly and the Lost Treasures” has finally hit the market. I could not be more excited for this journey that started with a kiddo and his doll then morphed into a series of books. Our Book Birthday Bash was so much fun and the turnout was overwhelming. People from forty minutes away came to celebrate and get a signed copy of the book. I am going to be completely honest, I thought it was going to be only friends and family, but was shocked that people all-around came to support me and this long-awaited journey. It was fun to watch the children’s faces as they were able to purchase a book of their very own. It dawned on me that kids still get excited over books. I am going to just let the pictures speak for how much fun the night was. Thank you to everyone involved who made this night special. I will be doing a separate post about all the vendors we had and their information.

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