I feel like a ball of nervous energy pinned up in a tight space waiting to break free and scream. I thought that writing my book was challenging, but I was wrong. Have you ever totally felt one way until you reach a goal only to find out that was just a small piece of the puzzle? My book is off to the printers and now I wait. Sure, I have a million and five things that need to be done, but it’s hard to get them done when you are stuck in the land of nerves, excitement, and aww. 

Today I feel totally AMAZING. It has been a dream of mine to publish one of my books and now I can say I DID IT! The process was long, challenging, and at times I thought I would never make it. I can tell you this journey has been a huge roller coaster chugging up the track. With each and every pull of the car closer to the top, your energy changes. You go through so many different emotions. I feel like I am the star in the movie “Inside Out”. Each time the car forges ahead I felt different. Sometimes all the emotions came on at the same time. (My husband and kids ran on those days.) The ride doesn’t stop when you get to the top of the track. No, you get to sit at the top for a few brief seconds before you plummet to your death. Oh, wait not death, well it feels like that when you realize, now your book, your baby is going to be in the hands of others to read. 

At that very moment just before the car screeches forward and you put your hands up to enjoy the ride there is that fear. WHAT HAPPENS IF NO ONE LIKES IT! Then the car crests over the hill and you are zipping and zooming down the track faster than you thought you could go. The fear is still in the back of my head, but right now the ride is just too exciting to stop and think of that. So today I feel AMAZING. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but hey that’s tomorrow. 

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