LEGACY Of Logan & Lilly

It is hard to believe that the Adventures of Logan and Lilly series will be coming out this October. The road to this story has been a long road. I cant wait to see what the illustrator has in mind for the characters. Many of you don’t know the book is about our son Logan and his real-life doll Lilly. Since he was a little guy, he has had Lilly, and the two of them do just about everything together. We have pictures of them going to the store, playing in mud puddles, and simply in his room with only his imagination. It is fantastic to see him be so attached to a doll and not fear what others will think. I know he is only five now, and that might change in the future, but if we continue to teach him that it is okay, then when the day comes when someone says something, he will hold his own. Having a doll, being a boy does not make you weak, in my opinion. I know others will not share my views; this doll represents a bonded friendship that continues to withstand time. Someday, I know I will pull Lilly out and pass her on to one of his children, but the fact that they have their book means much more. It means that the legacy of Logan and Lilly will live on forever.

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