Books Vs. Screens

Every time a child opens a book, it is a chance for them to go on a brand new ADVENTURE! Books are so important for a child’s development. It not only allows them to escape to mystical places, meet new people, but it also teaches them about life. Many authors will write about what is going on currently in the world or a particular topic. For example, “The Adventures of Logan & Lilly” is about a seven-year-old boy named Logan and his doll Lilly. With books, a child can push past stereotypes and focus on what makes them smile. Books offer children the advantages to escape and allows them the freedom to express who they are.

Studies are now finding more benefits to children reading vs. having screen time. In one study done by the “Reading & Literacy Discovery Center of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital,” scientists discover what the brain looks like when children read vs. playing on tablets or tv. Scientists have proven with a scan that the child who reads shows growth “in organized white matter in the language and literacy.” This brain area will help a child when they become school age and aid in supporting their learning.

With this new development, I will challenge my children to put the screens down and grab a book. How about you?

I love this blog post by, Erica of What We Do All Day. She shares some great books that can help parents to learn to unplug their children and get them interested in reading. It is a great read.

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